During this weird time it’s easy to feel like everything is going wrong and that there’s nothing to feel good about. While the news is mostly dominated by bad news, there are still joyous things happening such as the 99-year-old man who raised £12 million for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden.

Of course we can’t ignore the seriousness of everything going on but there are still lots of ways to spread happiness, whether it’s by sending out #positivepost to your loved ones, sharing an inspiring quote on Instagram or picking up some milk for your neighbour.

I think a big positive to come out of this situation is that we will never take the small things for granted again. While it isn’t always possible to focus on the good things, I’ve found that appreciating the little pockets of joy can make a HUGE difference to my day.

Here are 20 things that are currently making me smile:

1. Cleaning and sorting (it’s so satisfying).
2. Getting creative with my cooking.
3. Writing fiction or blog posts.
4. Watching Gilmore Girls, it’s so cosy!
5. Reading new books. I’ve just finished The Flatshare and loved it!
6. Having video calls with my family.
7. The internet. Thank GOD for the internet.
8. Seeing so many small acts of kindness.
9. Hearing my boyfriend laughing with his friends as he fulfils his teenage dream of playing video games all day.
10. Listening to a positive playlist and singing at the top of my lungs to Shania Twain.
11. Having enough milk for a cup of coffee in the morning.
12. Sunny days (even when I can’t go outside to fully appreciate them, a blue sky will always make me smile).
13. Listening to uplifting podcasts such as The Fringe of it.
14. The Simpsons (I’m planning on watching every episode during this lockdown).
15. Wearing a fun outfit (when I can be bothered to change out of my PJs).
16. Completing an online yoga class.
17. Baking! So far I’ve made banana bread (who hasn’t?), chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate fudge cake 🙂
18. A gin and tonic with ice.
19. Finally watching films I’ve been told to watch for years. I’ve just finished The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
20. Having a relaxing bubble bath.

Some days I’ve felt guilty for being able to enjoy these things while others are struggling but, I think if we’re able to, it’s okay (and great) to feel positive and hopeful. Taking the time to make a note of what makes you happy can be all that you need to lift your spirits.

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