As soon as we hit December it feels like time just flies by. The countdown to Christmas day has officially begun. The decorations are up and most of us are manically trying to finish are shopping, visit relatives and get enough work done to justify a much-deserved break to enjoy the festivities.

Although we’re surrounded by Christmas merriment, this busyness often means the big day arrives before we know it, without us having chance to make the most of the lead-up (AKA the best part). But I’m determined to not let that happen this year, so I’ve created a list of 15 ways to instantly feel more festive.

2019-12-08 03.15.24 1.jpg

1. Buy Christmas pyjamas you can wear on the big day and during the lead up.

2. Make eggnog or mulled wine to serve with a mince pie.

3. Take a Christmas bath. Use a Lush festive bath bomb, blast the Christmas music, light a cinnamon candle and drink some mulled wine. Perfection….

4. Decorate your work desk with tinsel and a small tree.

2019-12-08 03.19.01 1.jpg

5. Buy a festive latte as a Friday treat (avoid the Starbucks eggnog latte).

6. Read a Christmas or winter-themed book. I’ve chosen Winters’ Snow by Carrie Hope Fletcher.

7. Get a Christmas duvet set to instantly make your bedroom more festive.

8. Watch old Christmas TV episodes or YouTube videos.

2019-12-08 03.25.00 2.jpg

9. Get a festive-designed manicure.

10. Make a festive inspired dinner. I’m opting for hunters chicken with brie, cranberry sauce and bacon! You could even make your own festive sandwich.

11.  Watch the latest Xmas film out at the cinema or watch a classic at a pop up cinema.

2019-12-08 03.17.53 2.jpg

12. Get a pair of festive earrings. Tinsel stars and bauble earrings are never going to go out of fashion… right?

13. Do some Christmas baking. There are so many recipes out there or you could just throw in some festive ingredients and hope for the best!

14. Go on a winter walk after eating a Sunday roast.

15. Buy a poinsettia plant or a bunch of festive flowers.

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