Over the past few weeks, I have really been embracing the word that most people seem to dread before we hit December: Christmas. I have begun watching the films and this week I even put on my first festive jumper of the season. And it has given me absolute joy. I’ve been getting plenty of eye rolls and questions like ‘aren’t you going to get bored?’ Well, the answer is no. Although I understand it can be annoying to be surrounded by a festive-mad person, why does this time of year divide us so much?

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Those that are strict about waiting until it’s ‘socially acceptable’ to get into the spirit, can’t seem to understand those of us that just can’t wait. Yesterday I had this conversation with a known Grinch and I simply explained ‘it just makes me happy’. Personally, I think if anything gives you a hint of joy, just run with it. Don’t worry about what other people think. Just enjoy it.

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However, I am saving the true Christmas festivities until next month such as decorating our home, watching Elf and playing the ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ album on repeat. So, what’s the harm in easing myself into the season by watching the latest Netflix festive film, beginning my Christmas shopping and wearing this beaaaaautiful jumper?

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If you aren’t quite ready to parade your festiveness with garish knitwear, this one is perfect for subtly nodding to the Christmas season. If that’s still a bit much for you, and you want to secretly get involved, buy a pair of festive socks.

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I don’t always begin the festivities this early but for some reason, I have found it extremely uplifting and has helped me get out of a funk. However, I am slightly concerned with how I’ll feel once Christmas is over. So, I need to get a plan together to prevent the annual slump. Watch this space!

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