Last week, I turned 25. Even though it’s still pretty damn young, I feel like this age has definitely crept up on me. For the past few years I’ve been trapped in the past thinking I’m 21. When people ask my age, I genuinely have to think about it. Maybe that will be the age I always feel, like how my mum always used to say she still felt in her twenties, no matter how many years passed her by.

Even though I still have sooooo much to learn and figure out, I have picked up a few life lessons along the way – as most do in this decade! So, I decided to jot down 25 of them, to stick to this ‘quarter-life’ theme and to pass on my ‘wisdom’ (lol).

1. Money buys you freedom, not happiness
2. Coffee is a magic potion that will get you through a working day
3. If friends don’t make any effort to see you, they aren’t true friends
4. The secret to a happy relationship is honesty
5. Buying more clothes will just make you appreciate your old clothes less
6. If getting drunk makes your anxiety worse, don’t do it
7. Plisse trousers are a dream fit for pear-shaped figures
8. Doing something just because it makes you happy, is a good enough reason
9. Wear SPF every day!!!
10. Heels are the devil in shoe-form, don’t bother wearing them
11. Being a dress size smaller isn’t worth depriving yourself of great food
12. Nobody has a perfect job, or life, we all have problems behind closed doors
13. Trust your instincts
14. Whether you like someone is just as (if not more) important than if they like you
15. Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on pretty underwear, comfort is key
16. Don’t trust people that slag off others when they aren’t around
17. A colourful outfit will honestly brighten up your day
18. When it comes to a hairdresser, you get what you pay for (so don’t be stingy)
19. Don’t base relationship goals off of romantic comedies
20. Invest in a good-quality pair of boots instead of buying the pretty shoes
21. Take care of your mental health just like you would your physical health
22. Sometimes people are only supposed to be in your life for a certain amount of time
23. Don’t bother ironing everything in bulk, do it as and when you need it
24. Having fitness goals instead of weight goals can actually make exercise fun
25. Save money for holidays instead of clothes (you have enough)

There you have it, I’m sure you can take every single one of these lessons on board, right? Well, anyway, I’m off to slather my face with anti-ageing moisturiser and eat a slice of leftover birthday cake! x


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