Having a fashion blog can sometimes create a bit of pressure to keep buying new clothes. But as we’re now all much more aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion, I am trying my best to shop a lot less. I’m also trying to be a bit wiser with my spending habits as I definitely don’t have the budget for excessive shopping, or the need for it.

But, when I come to write a new blog post and I want to feature outfit photos, it’s hard to resist buying something new. However, last week I had a real rummage around in my wardrobe and to my surprise managed to put together this dreamy outfit.

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For years now I have loved the idea of a red colour block outfit, but I’ve never had the money to buy something like a red suit. So, for years, it has remained an idea. But then, a few weeks ago I was determined to put together a ‘new’ outfit from clothes I already own, by mixing and matching my regulars with my unloved items. Although some of the looks I created didn’t work, I managed to put together some outfits that I really loved.

I found a red pencil skirt just sitting there, collecting dust, that I hadn’t worn since my graduation FOUR years ago. I tried it on with a few different options. I paired it with a long sleeved cherry red top, with my red ankle boots but this felt a bit too extra for my liking. So, I decided to try it with this t-shirt that I would normally just throw on with a pair of jeans. I loved how it broke up the red, but maintained the boldness. I completed the look with my red western belt to add a little bit more structure to the skirt.


It is definitely the sassiest look I have ever put together and one that got a lot of side-eye, which to me is always a good sign of a great outfit. It made me feel powerful, confident and strong. Putting this together reminded me of what I love about fashion. It isn’t the feeling of buying something new, it’s the excitement and inspiration I feel when I style an outfit that I love.

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If you are watching the pennies or just want to be a bit more eco-conscious, take another look at your wardrobe. Get creative. Is there something you haven’t worn for a while? Could you simply just mix and match some clothes from other regular outfits? Could you maybe layer some of your summer pieces over t-shirts or knitwear? I think you will be surprised at how many looks you can create from what is hiding in your wardrobe.

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