While I was away in Thailand, I had planned to get some blog photos. I couldn’t wait to show off my holiday outfits with the glorious scenery in the background. But, I quickly realised that I’m not that sexy in the sunshine. Every day consisted of a 36 degree heat with 75% humidity. It didn’t take long for me to decide that the weather just wasn’t suitable for Instagram content. But then, there I was, with a SULA (sweaty upper lip alert), hair scraped back and a cherry-red face, when I spotted a travel blogger. Her perfect hair, outrageously stylish outfit and flawless makeup didn’t budge while she posed for the ‘gram. That’s when I realised I could never be a travel blogger.

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At the beginning of the trip, I wore one of my planned outfits but instantly regretted it when I was overbearingly hot and my feet were sore from breaking in new shoes. It became abundantly clear that I would have to wear for comfort, not style. Forget about makeup or any form of tamed hair. It just wasn’t doable. So instead of scarring you with unflattering photos of myself profusely sweating, I decided to recreate my holiday looks back in the UK.

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It goes without saying that my appearance wasn’t a top priority while on a trip of a lifetime. But seeing flawless women posing for swoon-worthy photos got me thinking. Are all the Instagram users on holiday spending their entire trip making sure they looked perfect, for the sake of improving their feed, or do they honestly just always look good?

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I’m sure for some, the latter is true. But it made me realise how much work it must be to be a travel blogger. Obviously there are more demanding jobs out there but finding beautiful backdrops, looking your best while in the heat/cold, getting a collection of photographs and then editing them, isn’t the easiest task in the world. To the aspiring travel bloggers that commit to this in their spare time, I salute you!

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Being a travel blogger seems like a pretty awesome job but if you’re an average Jo like me, who just wants to get some nice photos to spruce up your grid. It’s just not worth sacrificing your holiday for, especially if your hair triples in size and makeup immediately melts off your face when exposed to the sunshine. I would much rather look like an egg, wear basic clothes and feel comfortable. Adjusting to different climate zones is hard enough without making it worse for yourself.

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If you can’t be bothered to make your holiday seem ‘Instagrammable’, you aren’t alone. Enjoy your holiday, take pictures if you want and if any of them are worthy for the ‘gram, then show them off. But don’t beat yourself up for not getting that picture. If you aren’t in the superhuman group of people that never seem to look bad, that’s okay too.

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