When I moved into my own home, I truly discovered my passion for interiors. I had quite a while to window shop and put together a homeware wish list, as it took me a little (a lot) longer to get on my feet and move out of my parents’ home than I had originally planned. However, when the time finally came around, I couldn’t wait to invest in furniture and accessories to make our flat feel like a home. Although moving in came with a lot of excitement, I was also faced with a lot of change, and I’m not just talking about living with a boy for the first time!

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Not only did I get more independence, which I love, but having my own home came with a lot more responsibility. I feel like I am now used to my life as an ‘adult’ but boy, did it take a while. Is it just me, or is cleaning never ending? I had no idea how much time and effort goes into looking after a home. With laundry, washing up, hoovering, mopping and everything else in between, it seems to take forever! It was definitely an adjustment after not pitching into chores as much as I should have done before [sorry mum!]. However, our flat is definitely worth the hassle as now we finally have our own little space.

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As we are renting our flat, we don’t have complete freedom to decorate as we please but we really wanted to invest in key furniture items that we could take with us to our forever home. So, we decided to invest in a brand spankin’ new sofa from John Lewis and a swanky rug, coffee table and TV stand from Wayfair. It felt like such an achievement, and very grown up indeed!

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I really believe that the space around you has so much impact on your mental well-being and positivity. With that in mind, we have splurged on some quirky candles, posters, plants, beautiful cushions, duvet covers and lots of other little details that make me feel so proud to live here. We’ve also finally gotten round to putting up some family photos, which make me feel happy every time I look at them.

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I think we have done a great job of giving the flat some extra character to make it feel like our home but it definitely isn’t complete yet. We still need a few extra furniture pieces here and there, more posters going up and a some oversized plants wouldn’t hurt either. However, I have a feeling this will take a while to get round to doing but I have learnt it is best to be patient and not rush anything. These things seem to take a long time and we want to get it right.

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