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Before I go out and celebrate the end of a fabulous year while wearing this gorgeous glittery number, I wanted to reflect on everything good I have personally accomplished this year. As I get older, I learn to take my resolutions with a pinch of salt. I do what I can, learn from anything that I haven’t accomplished yet and try again next year. However, I love setting goals each year to encourage myself to try new things and 2018 was filled with many big and small achievements that I am truly proud of.

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2018 was a hard year for me in many ways, it involved a lot of scary changes that turned out to be blessings in disguise. I left a job I had been dedicated to for nearly two years, without knowing what I would do next. However, it meant I was able to move on to a new job that ultimately made me much happier. This also led to me moving out of my parents’ home and in to my dream flat with my boyfriend. These were my most important goals of 2018 and I knew that any other resolution completed would simply just be a bonus.

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I’m ashamed to admit that for a good ten years, I used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation, which has a reputation of exclusively being used by teens. So, I decided 2018 was the year to finally invest in a ‘grown-up’ make-up kit and splurged on a number of Dior items.

As well as make-up, I also made it my mission to take better care of my skin. So, I stopped using face wipes and bought a number of products including face masks, cleanser, toner, moisturiser and more! My skin is still a little bit up and down but I definitely feel like it has improved massively.

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It may have taken me TWO YEARS but I have finally watched everything on my film list, which consisted of 60 films I have always wanted to see. Not all of them were great (High Rise, Gold and The Huntsman… I am looking at you!) but I discovered some truly amazing films that were such a joy to watch. Some of my favourites include Wonder, Unbreakable, Dreamgirls and Boyhood. As a film buff I am ecstatic to finally tick this baby off of my list.

Although I have completed my film list, I am yet to finish my reading list. Although I still have a while to go, it has encouraged me to read a lot more, which was the sole purpose of the list in the first place. Some of my favourite reads from this year includes When the Curtain Falls by Carrie Fletcher and Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. I’m so excited to discover more amazing books in 2019.

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As mentioned here, I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and have also had encounters with depression. This year I decided to see a counsellor, which did wonders for some ongoing struggles of mine and I continued to have therapy sessions until I felt I didn’t need it anymore. Although, if this ever changes, I will certainly be going back. As well as this, I have also made an effort to take up hobbies such as yoga, painting, drawing and writing to further help my mental health.

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So, I didn’t start dance classes like I originally planned BUT I have taken up trapeze as a hobby. This has certainly been a challenge for me and it has been great to try something new. I’m not entirely sure if I will continue with the classes next year but it has been a brilliant form of exercise, that has encouraged me to meet new people and to get out of my comfort zone.

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This year has been filled with plenty of ups and downs but I feel like I faced anything negative thrown my way and turned it around into something positive. I hope I manage to do the same next year, even if I don’t tick off anything on the below list. Most of the time it’s impossible to complete everything you set out to do in only one year, especially if you write an ambitiously long list like me but… as long as you don’t put pressure on yourself, it can be a great way to motivate yourself.

My 2019 New Year’s Resolutions:

– Take up meditation
– Get physically and mentally stronger
– Write more for me
– Draw and paint more
– Go on holiday
– Eat healthier
– Buy more food locally
– Finish my reading list
– Blog more

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