When I first started blogging a year ago, I was so excited about fashion but over time this feeling began to fade. All of the trends became a little repetitive in my eyes and I felt like fashion wasn’t introducing anything new to me anymore. However, that was until Saturday by Megan Ellaby was revealed – a new luxury brand – which seems to have found the perfect balance between the fun of high street designs and the quality of designer brands. This start-up company, founded of course by Megan Ellaby, reminded me of why I fell in love with fashion in the first place.


The line of merino wool jumpers is overflowing with passion, quirkiness and colour.  I would have loved to purchase them all because they are all completely different and nothing like what I already own. However, I opted for the gorgeous electric blue ‘oh so’ jumper because of the daring colour. Even though I am a self-confessed shopaholic, it is rare that I treat myself to luxury items. However, this item has definitely inspired me to shop a little less so that I can invest more in good-quality items like this, that I know will last a lifetime.


I decided to pair this knit with my polka dot plisse trousers, a glitter rainbow shoulder bag and some red leopard print heels. This outfit is great for date nights and smart casual occasions. However, to bring a dash of Saturday into your working week, swap the heels for some Chelsea boots and layer up with an oversized blazer. When this striking number is paired with a skirt and heels, it also becomes a perfect Christmas party look.


It is funny how certain items in my wardrobe remind me of my excitement for fashion and this jumper is now one of them. Whenever I wear this beautifully-designed number I feel great, as if I’m part of the ‘exclusive’ Saturday girl club.


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