Heather, Heather, Heather and someone…

For anyone who has seen Heathers the Musical or the film, you will know how amazing it is and if you haven’t, then you are massively missing out. I went to see this dreamy theatre production six months ago and I am STILL obsessed. I have listened to the soundtrack nearly every day since and have constantly been thinking of ways to recreate the amazing outfits that consists of blazers, checked skirts, knee high socks and of course scrunchies. It is very similar to the famous ‘Clueless’ outfit and the generic ‘school girl’ look but the Heathers all have a designated colour each (red, green and yellow) that they wear from head to toe. I was inspired to create an outfit that has a taste of their style but is a little bit different so that it is suitable for everyday wear.


With Halloween just around the corner, It seemed only right to embody the ‘mythic bitch’ that is Heather Chandler. She is of course the mean girl that roams the high school hallways evoking pure evil while rocking a red scrunchie. As discussed here, 80s fashion is something that I am a big fan of, so I couldn’t wait to put something together to represent this villain.


To really capture her essence, I knew I needed the colour red and check prints. I roamed the internet trying to find red tartan pieces but I couldn’t seem to find anything that was quite right until I saw this plaid pinafore. This baby is a more sophisticated version of the skirt and something I can wear for multiple occasions, but is still very much in theme with the school girl style.

Bonus point = check is a huge trend for AW18.


This long sleeved red top also radiates her style and is again something I can wear repeatedly and when paired with this pinafore, I truly feel like a Heather myself. I decided not to include the knee high socks – so that it could be something I generally want to wear instead of it becoming a ‘costume’.


I tied in the red with some vinyl heeled boots, and of course, a scrunchie. I then completed the look with some silver hoop earrings and a faux fur handbag because, why the hell not!? To really embody the style of this film/show, a blazer with padded shoulders would be perfect.


When I went to see Heathers I felt extremely inspired by the magic on stage and the talent that was involved. It really was an incredible experience and ‘a beautiful frickin’ day’ that I just knew I had to somehow recreate here on my blog. As well as being influenced by this glorious story, this outfit is honestly something that makes me feel incredible, that I will wear over and over again.  I just know that I am really going to get my moneys worth with every single piece of this look.


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