When I was growing up, I was desperate to be successful one day. I dreamt of being a power-hungry career bitch that would put work above everything. However, at the age of 23 I have realised that this just isn’t for me. I think success can mean so many different things and it can’t just be pigeon-holed by how much money you make or how much power you have. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely one form of success but it is by no means the only form.


In university I knew that when I joined the ‘real world’ I wanted to do nothing but work hard to one day achieve my dream job. I was willing to sacrifice a social life to put in the extra hours and I never thought I would put a boyfriend before a job. However, a few years later I have learnt that this isn’t what makes me happy.


After a few years of pushing and pushing myself to get ahead, I made myself miserable and I realised this wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I wanted a life outside of work. I wanted a good work/life balance. At first, the idea of changing my plan made me feel like a failure. I was aiming for something for such a long time that I felt like I was giving up. However, then I realised, what is the point of sacrificing years of your life to get an impressive job title, if it doesn’t make you happy? That is when I decided that, no matter where I end up in my career, I just want to be happy.


Speaking of being happy, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t purchase this adorable t-shirt. The slogan and the rainbow stripes is just enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love it when clothes can display a positive message and as I am always babbling on about it, happiness really is the most important thing. I paired it with this black midi dress, which is a versatile staple piece that I first styled in my Autumnal post. This is quite a casual and care-free look so I loved finishing them off with these sophisticated white heeled boots, which were also the bargain of the century (£3!?!?!?).


Over the years I have also learnt that what might sound impressive, isn’t actually what is right for you, and vice versa. However, it is definitely more important to do what makes you happy instead of doing something just because it sounds good to others. I’m definitely still going to be working hard to build a career but I have decided to take a different route that gives me the opportunity to enjoy my life outside of work. I think if I worked myself into the ground and had no time for relationships or hobbies, I would just be miserable.. and to me, that isn’t success.


I don’t think that success should just be defined by what job you do, whether you are married, have children, have buckets of money or have 1323423532 Instagram followers. For me, the only form of success that matters, is if you are happy.

Everybody has a different idea of success, but what does it mean to you? x


  1. I totally relate to all of this! I just left my job where title and work accomplishments seemed to overshadow everything else, and I was really unhappy there. Still searching for that dream job! Also – I love how you switched up the classic white tee under a black slip dress for something more colorful, it works really well!

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    1. Thank you! It definitely is best to put your happiness first, a negative working environment can be draining. I’m sure you will find a job that will be fulfilling and also give you a chance to enjoy your life outside of work too xx

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