Dressing smart casual seems like such a simple thing. It should be easy to just swap out heels for flats or a skirt for a pair of jeans but I personally don’t think it is quite as straightforward as that. I am usually the gal that turns up overdressed for everything. I have been known to wear heels to the cinema and often turned up to uni lectures wearing a dress that was definitely made for a night out. It may sound a bit sad but I find it hard to accept that going out doesn’t always need to be an opportunity to show off my favourite outfits and most of the time I tend to get a bit carried away.


I always feel my absolute best with a full face of make-up on, my hair curled and when I am wearing an outfit that I spent a good half an hour putting together. I know that dressing smart casual isn’t just wearing jeans and t-shirt, as it is in the name, it still needs to be smart. However, I have struggled in the past to know where the line is. I can go from one extreme to the other. Sometimes I’ll rock up in a dress and heels and then other times I’ll be wearing my comfy stretchy trousers and an oversized jumper. I found it hard to get the balance right. However, from being inspired by other bloggers and fashion lovers, I feel like I might have actually mastered it.


It seems like an obvious choice but a blazer and jeans just screams smart casual. The jeans bring the casual while the blazer brings the smart. Genius. But you can’t just leave it there. What about the shoes? The top? The accessories? You can still completely change the entire look with all of these things.


I decided to opt for a pair of platform converse. Wearing trainer style shoes is completely new to me. I have only ever associated trainers with going to the gym but after seeing lots of feminine and quirky women sporting them (pun intended), I have decided to give them a go and I have to say, I am loving them. It gives off such a cool vibe and adds a masculine touch to my very feminine wardrobe. I think the trainer/blazer combo works a treat and is great for so many casual occasions… and you can easily swap them for a pair of heels to jazz your outfit up for an evening outing.


As mentioned previously in this post here, you just can’t go wrong with a polo neck jumper, no matter what the occasion. However, I decided to be a bit more daring with my jewellery and went for these fantastic monochrome fluffy hoop earrings. Anyone who knows me will have learnt that I have a huge obsession with statement earrings and it just wouldn’t have felt right not to add any to this outfit. I adore how these Cruella inspired beauties add a dash of fun to any look and they also give me an added bit of confidence.


I always feel my absolute best when I curl my hair. I don’t know what it is but I just feel like my face shape looks so different with certain hairstyles and think curls are the most flattering on me. However, I tucked it away in a low ponytail to try and keep it a bit more casual. I did a fairly full-on look for my make-up and went for orange eyeshadow and dark lip to keep within the smart vibes of this outfit. I think it is quite hard to get the balance right for this kinda look but I think I am definitely learning. Do you have any tips for smart casual dressing? x

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