I love reading ‘get to know me’ posts so I decided to do one of my own and list off 50 things that make me happy. There are obviously the big things that I think we all rely on to make us smile such as family and friends but I thought I would write something a bit more informal to celebrate all of the small things that I love. If you agree or disagree with any of these let me know in the comments, I would love to hear what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

I also wrote a post earlier this year on how to bring a bit of extra happiness into your life when things get a bit too much, if you would like to give it a gander, just click here.


Here goes…

  1. Cat cuddles.. there is just nothing like it.
  2. The Greatest Showman soundtrack. (Belting out Never Enough is my favourite way to shake off a bad day).
  3. Fashunnnnnn – especially faux fur coats.
  4. Robots. I don’t know why but I love them.
  5. Cookies. It is even better if they are in a robot cookie jar 😉
  6. Sleeping. I will always be the type of person that loves a good lie in.
  7. Miley Cyrus. She isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but… her voice is just.. beauuuutiful.
  8. La La Land. This film gives me all the feels.
  9. Topshop. If I am ever having a bad day you can probably find me in here.
  10. Puppies. I mean, any baby animal will suffice.

  11. Blogging.. duh.
  12. Chocolate. An obvious one but a goodie.
  13. Trashy reality TV. It is my not-so-guilty pleasure.
  14. Watching vlogs.. I am addicted.
  15. Shopping. When I shop, the world gets better. (Get the reference?)
  16. Having a duvet day and a film marathon.
  17. Dinosaurs. I love anything with a dinosaur print on it.. again, not sure why.
  18. Hot chocolate. I can power through a tub of this like no other.
  19. Spa days. Facials, afternoon tea and a jacuzzi… need I say more?
  20. Miranda Hart. I can guarantee she will make me smile on my worst of days.

  21. Jane the Virgin. Another show that I am LOVING and am so invested in.. yes I watch a lotta TV.
  22. Milkshakes. It is like drinking a cloud.
  23. Unicorns. If anything has a unicorn print on it… I am SOLD.
  24. A good gin and tonic. There is no better way to end a hard working week, AM I RIGHT!?
  25. Cuddles with my baaaaaby. (FYI not an actual baby… my 24-year-old boyfriend lol).
  26. Burgers. I don’t care how fancy a restaurant is…  you can guarantee I will be ordering a burger.
  27. Adding to that… pasta! Can’t go wrong with a bit of spag bol, now can ya!?
  28. Candles. Getting cosy with a blanket on and a candle lit in the background is the best thing ever.
  29. Cheesy nineties pop. It takes me back to the simpler times of when my biggest problem was deciding which Spice Girl was my favourite (Geri, obvs).

  30. Getting dolled up. I always feel my best when I slap on a full face of make-up, curl my hair and put on a banging outfit.
  31. Date nights. Dinner, drinks, getting dressed up, I am in!
  32. Going for brunch to catch up with old friends. Any excuse to have eggs benedict really..
  33. Cake. Chocolate cake errrrrry time.
  34. When you find a new AMAZING bingeworthy series… definitely in need of one of these RN (any suggestions???)
  35. Completing a to-do list… is there any bigger thrill? 😉
  36. Wearing a pair of statement earrings. This is guaranteed to give me some added sass.
  37. Baking. I am essentially a young Mary Berry… I wish!
  38. Any book written by Carrie Fletcher. What a babe… seriously check her out.
  39. Sex and the city. This will always be my favourite.

  40. PAY DAY. I don’t feel like this one needs much explaining. $$$
  41. Homeware shopping. It is basically my porn.
  42. Going to the cinema. I don’t know why but watching films with a pick and mix just makes me soooo happy.
  43. Rose. The smell, the taste, it is just… heavenly.
  44. When an online shopping delivery arrives. A gift from me, to me.
  45. Finding an amazing song that I can play over and over again until I’m bored.
  46. Ordering a takeaway on a cosy Saturday night in. I know, wild right???
  47. Disney. A good princess film with a happily ever after will always cheer me up.
  48. CHRISTMAS. As soon as it hits November 1st I will be chanting ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’
  49. A bubble bath. Taylor Swift’s album on in the background, Lush bath bomb, reading a good book… perfection.
  50. Brinner. Breakfast for dinner, that’s the dream.


    And finally, as fashion is something that makes me happy, let me talk you through this outfit. I think this t-shirt just says it all really, love always wins. No matter how devious, nasty or selfish a person might be, they will always lose because… love always wins, duhhh. I decided to keep this quite a casual look because it is quite rare that I strip things back and don’t add on statement earrings or a ton of make-up. However, I quite like this look, it feels young and fresh but it is still a tad daring by rocking double denim and my beloved love heart bag.


  1. Ahhhh yet another cute post! i’m sorry I didn’t see this before, when I get some time I’ll update my post to add this cause this is def the kind of spring feels and inspo that deserves a read. I’m pretty sure I can relate to every single one of these haha 😍 Esp fashion, brinner (nothing beats late night waffles), Jane the V, CHRISTMAS!! & sleeping. Great post hun!

    xx Lena |

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