To celebrate International Women’s Day, I thought I would take a bit of time to reflect on how amazing these past few years have been for women and how far we have come… but also how much more still needs to be done.


Ever since I heard the Spice Girls utter the fabulous words ‘girl power’ when I was a youngster, I have been a feminist. I have always believed in the power that women have and I’ve been deeply offended when anybody tries to challenge or undermine that. We have come so far over the past few years. The word feminism is no longer an ugly word and there are even men deeming themselves as one because it is becoming known for what it actually is, gender equality.


There are so many incredible female icons to look up to these days such as Emma Watson, Zendaya, Viola Davis, Ariana Grande and Serena Williams (to name just a few). Last year we saw many women speak up about their awful experiences with sexual harrassment and abuse. It was horrendous to hear about the number of women who had gone through this but I was deeply impressed by their bravery and strength. Even though women have come a long way over the years, it just showed how much further we still need to go.



It is still a common every day occurrence where women experience some sort of sexism or harassment. I think every single woman has a story, whether big or small. When I was buying my first car I went with a male relative and noticed that I was hardly ever spoken to by mechanics (even though it was me who was buying it) and one even said that I would just be using my car to store my make-up and shoes *eye roll*. I completely understand that this isn’t the way that every man thinks or behaves but it is definitely still an issue. I think the majority of us are past the point of just nervously laughing when a man makes us feel uncomfortable. I know that sexism goes both ways and I honestly hope one day we can all be equal.


Now that more women are standing up and speaking out, I would love to see more of us applauding each other instead of trying to bring each other down. If anything, we need to stand together so we are the strongest we can possibly be. On social media and in day-to-day life I see women criticising one another, talking behind each others backs, being bitterly jealous and trying to out-do each other. I know that this is definitely not everyone but I think we have probably all been guilty of doing this in the past but… I think it is time we all cheered each other on a bit more, don’t you?


This change might come from inner confidence and acceptance, so that you stop comparing yourself to others and become truly happy for each other. It could also come from making more of an effort to compliment and leave supportive messages to one another. We are all strong as individuals but imagine what we could do if we all banded together.


I think we all have those pieces in our wardrobe that we throw on when we want to feel like a bad ass. I don’t know what it is about blazers but whenever I wear one I feel like I can take on the world.. and the same goes for when I’m stomping around in my trusty red heeled boots. If you’re like me and wearing a killer outfit gives you that extra bit of confidence and sass, I think this kind of look could definitely work for you… and while you’re at it, why not blast some Spice Girls as loud as you can? (Show ’em who’s boss!)


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