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As a fashion blogger (and a shopaholic) it can be very easy to get into the habit of constantly buying new clothes. I am always on the lookout for a fab new outfit that I can wear for a future post but… this can get extremely expensive. Some might say it is a bit of a problem but… I definitely have it under control…


However, I have decided to temporarily put myself on a bit of a budget which means I can’t continue to rely on splashing the cash on new clothes so I need to get a bit creative.

I often find myself getting into a bit of a rut and repeating the same outfits because they are new but this means I end up neglecting my old clothes that I gave so much love to when I first bought them. So, to mix things up a bit, I decided to pick out clothes that I haven’t worn in aaaaages and work them into different looks. You would be amazed at what you can find in your very own wardrobe.


Even though I bought around seven new fabulous jackets this winter, I always seem to end up going back to my trusty parka coat that keeps me super warm and toasty. However, in order to push myself to make use of the many coats and jackets I own I have decided to physically keep my parka far away from me so I can’t rely on it every single day. This fantastic navy blue duster coat is something I purchased a couple of years ago but I only tend to bring it out every now and then, even though I love it and it is actually very warm. I think this jacket adds sophistication to any look but it can still remain quite casual depending on what you pair it with.



I also opted for these black and white polka dot plisse trousers which are basically pyjamas, score! I have had these for a few years now and they are great for smart casual vibes but are so comfortable that I tend to just throw them on when I want to wear something slouchy. However, I love how the print looks next to this long coat. I kept it quite simple by pairing it with a black roll neck jumper so that the trousers and the coat remain as the key focus of this outfit. I also think that roll neck jumpers or tops are absolute staple pieces to have in your wardrobe as they go with literally everything.


I decided to wear these heeled black boots to keep in tone with a smart casual look and to match the darker colours of this outfit… and you can’t really go wrong with black boots now can ya? I accessorised this outfit with my trusty black bag, which I am also guilty of keeping hidden in my wardrobe but I think it works really well with this outfit. I completed this look with some fabulous red and pink fluffy earrings because it just wouldn’t be right wearing such a dark outfit without adding a little bit of colour and fun now would it? I also think it makes it a lot easier to recycle an old outfit if you throw in a little something that is brand spankin’ new like these babies.


I am definitely guilty of feeling like I have nothing to wear and I tend to buy new clothes instead of making the most of what I already have. Whenever I see something new I always imagine all the different ways I can style it and what a great addition it will make to my wardrobe. However, it will most likely get pushed aside when something even newer and shinier comes along. When I look through my wardrobe I am constantly rediscovering items that I used to love and remembering why I bought them in the first place. I’m sure if you have a look through your own wardrobe you will feel exactly the same and you might even find some key trend pieces for the upcoming season that you have had forever.


  1. It’s amazing what you’ll find when looking through oldies but goodies! That blue jacket is adorable ! And I actually love those earrings! I’ve never seen poofy earrings like that! Reminded me of Raven from That’s So raven (not sure why) lol great post!

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