V-day is very nearly upon us and whether you are spending it with your OH or having a galentine’s get together, getting the right outfit is key.

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of Valentine’s and say it is just like any other day but I am a bit of a gooey romantic myself and I love going out on dates with my boyf, Charlie. I think it is also a great excuse to treat each other because is there ever such thing as being treated too much!?


When it comes to the day there are so many ways you could spend it, whether you decide to go to a swanky restaurant for dinner and drinks, go for a day trip to a new city or have a chilled day in together watching your favourite films with a delicious takeaway. As mine and Charlie’s anniversary is close to Valentine’s, we tend to combine the two. This year we are celebrating three whole years together, which is crazy. It has absolutely flown by.

I was a single gal for quite a long time, so I didn’t really experience romantic dates until we got together but I always enjoyed going out with my friends on Valentine’s Day. I think it doesn’t just have to be about a romantic relationship but a day to celebrate any of your relationships!


However, once me and Charlie did get together, I soon learnt that I love a good date night. I really enjoy getting dressed up, showing off my outfits and having a great night together. Our anniversary is always a day that we celebrate big. It usually consists of dinner and drinks but this year we are going to a spa, which I cannot wait for! We will be staying at the spa hotel overnight and going for dinner, so I still get to show off my Valentine’s look. (Woop!)

Everyone has their different preferences for date night dressing. Some people like to go all out in a skin tight dress and sky high heels and others like to be a bit more casual with a blazer, jeans and shirt ensemble. However, I have always loved going for a glam and girly look for romantic dates.


This year, I knew I wanted something pink or red and decided to bring out this rose pink cami top which goes with so many different looks. To make this outfit more glam, I opted for this beautiful satin pleated skirt. This emerald green number is a perfect example of what suits my shape and curves, which is something that I discuss in this post here. It skims over my curves in a very flattering way and cinches me in at the waist perfectly. It is a very light material so it feels great and comfortable and is sooooo fun to twirl in.


It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring out my velvet red love heart bag for Valentine’s Day now would it? It really pops next to the other colours and is great for symbolising this romantic day.


I also decided to pair this outfit with a grey blazer to make it a little more sophisticated and I definitely could not survive this freezing weather without a jacket. I completed this look by wearing these stunning emerald green statement earrings that add a touch of glitz and sparkle to this ensemble.


I decided to wear these black and white striped slingback shoes. I think they are really elegant but keep it quite casual if you don’t want to go all out. As this look is quite glam already, I think adding some heels would make me feel a little overdressed. However, this outfit would certainly look great with some heels for a more dressy outing. If you don’t want to put your feet in pain by wearing heels all night… these shoes are for you!


There are so many different ways you can dress for dates and I think it really depends on your own personal style and where you are going. However, if you like dressing quite feminine and glam for an occasion such as drinks and dinner or even a romantic stroll in the park, I think this look would be perfect.

I hope that your Valentine’s is filled with lots of love and treats, no matter whether you are in a relationship or single. x


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