Being in your twenties is hard. I don’t think you are ever prepared for how difficult it can be. When I was younger I always imagined it to be like an episode of Friends, where your days are filled with chatting to your chums over cups of coffee. I’m always told that your twenties are the best years of your life but… I really hope not.


So no one told you life was gonna be this way….. sorry couldn’t resist haha

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly perks to being this age. I don’t have any huge responsibilities such as children or a mortgage (although I know there are people my age that do), and I still have lots of exciting things to come. But… when you are poor, still working your way up the career ladder and haven’t yet managed to move out of your parents home, it can definitely be a challenge.


There will always be the people that seem to have amazing opportunities handed to them but the majority of us are in the exact same boat. A lot of us still don’t know what we want to do in our careers and we will most likely change our minds 3242345 times before we settle in whichever job we know is right for us. There is also huge amounts of pressure to save money for a house deposit, a wedding and for when you are ready to have children (if this is something you want). It is very easy to worry too much about how you are going to get all of these when all of your money seems to be going on bills, or regular ASOS deliveries… whoops! I can’t be the only one that has winning the lottery as a backup plan, can I!?


I have found that most people always seem to be chasing after three things, a great job, a lovely place to live and a happy relationship. Having all three is rare and if you have it, you should count yourself very lucky. At the moment I have one out of three but it is so easy to focus on what you don’t have and I often find myself desperate to get the other two.


It is so hard not to let it get to you and to compare yourself to other people and where they are at but I have found that on the outside it can look like people have it all but the reality can be far different. I know that some people have made misconceptions of my life based on my social media posts when in reality, we all have struggles. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of, we all have down days and things to overcome. This is totally normal.


Even though I always say how much a fabulous outfit can make you feel good about yourself, some days definitely call for a toasty jumper and comfortable trousers. When I’m not feeling too great about my current position, I don’t necessarily want to dress to the max and feel uncomfortable in restricting outfits. I want to feel cosy and comforted. This outfit is perfect for this but it still maintains a well put together look. (And this jumper is adoooooorrable!)


I’m not entirely sure how I will be spending the rest of my twenties, I know where I would like to be but whether I get there is a whole other story. Sometimes, I wish I was like other people at this age who just focus on having fun and making the most of not having any responsibilities but that just isn’t me. I can’t help but worry about the future.


I think it’s important to let your friends know, who are in the same position as you are, that they aren’t alone so you can band together and help each other through it. We also need to remind each other not to focus too much on what others are doing because everyone is heading in different directions, so it is impossible for us all to be at the same stage. I’m sure we will all land on our feet eventually and figure out what the hell it is that we want to do with our lives (I bloody hope so anyway). But, it is important to give yourself a break and to relax and have fun sometimes.. even if it isn’t all of the time!


  1. Really interesting to hear your point of view. I’m now nearly 30 and I do hope 20’s aren’t the best il ever have decade wise! Although I do feel like the older you get the more you appreciate the little things that really matter!

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  2. … aaaaaand now the Friends theme song is stuck in my head haha! Thanks lol !

    So true though, growing up I imagined my twenties to be completely different to what they actually are & even though I’m now almost 23 I remember working for a company as a head project leader at a fresh 20 years old and half of my staff who were 30+ years old just would not take me seriously or respect my decisions because I was younger than them… Yet they expect us to be able to have a high flying job, nice house and all the other stuff that comes with ‘adulting’. So frustrating lol!

    Good thing we’ve all got each other hey!


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    1. Hahahah sorry gal! I know it is such a tough age! We have to sometimes act older than we are whilst trying to make the most of being young… uhhh frustrating!! Yeah exactly, if we all band together we can get through it! x


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