Here it is, again. The dreaded January. Christmas has been and gone, we are now back in work and everything seems a little bit gloomy at the moment. I’m not quite where I thought I would be when I set my New Year’s resolutions and the miserable weather makes me want to stay in bed for the foreseeable future.

As I currently write this, it is Blue Monday, which I am aware is complete and utter rubbish but I am definitely feeling the gloominess today. I don’t think anybody likes this time of year. There doesn’t seem to be as much to look forward to now that Christmas has passed and the majority of us are still recovering from our festive spending. A lot of people are also beginning a healthy diet after gorging on way too much chocolate and cheese over the past few weeks. This is something I definitely need to start doing but I find it impossible to diet in January because there is still so much Christmas chocolate around the house.. and I don’t want my body to go into shock after having so many treats in December.

Since getting back into the routine of working full-time and saying goodbye to the excitement of Christmas I have been feeling quite blue. When I am in a slump like this I find it hard to get out of it. During this time of year it is soooooo easy to fall into the trap of wearing just about anything that will keep you warm and cosy no matter how unfashionable it may be. This is something I discussed at the beginning of winter in this post here, as it is something that I always struggle with. I am often having to go back to this post myself so I can get inspired again as I know that wearing an outfit I love always lifts my spirits. But, I do understand it can be very difficult to make that effort when that daunting alarm goes off and it is still dark and pouring with rain outside but… we can fight it!!


Metallics, glitter, sparkle and lots of colour is typically associated with the festive period but I think it is a great idea to bring these items with you into the New Year to help fight the January blues… and it means you can also get your money’s worth of the items you invested in over Christmas. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be uncomfortable or cold, there are certainly ways you can bring these items into your every day looks.


I decided to start with these fabulous ombre style plisse trousers that go from black to silver, these can either be styled up or down to suit whatever occasion you are wearing them for. These trousers are super-duper comfy and they give you a bit of wiggle room for any holiday weight you might have gained as they are practically pyjamas (which is always a plus during this time of year). I paired them with the above black shirt which has an amazing space design on the back, which adds something a little bit special to this look. However, this outfit would also look great with a roll neck jumper, in case you wanted a bit of extra warmth.


As the weather is still BITTERLY cold I wore this gorgeous vinyl aviator jacket which has a faux fur lining that keeps you soooo toasty. However, a full on faux fur coat is also a great choice for an outfit like this if you want to be super cosy.


I decided to also whip out this fantastic rainbow stripe bag as it is so fun and definitely brightens up any outfit. Another thing that I know will cheer me up is shopping. I have been trying to go on a shopping ban recently to save a little extra cash but when this bad boy came online I just knew I had to have it. I completed this look with some sassy chunky burgundy heels, fishnet socks and some electric blue tassel earrings.


I think this outfit has a lot of elements that will definitely inject a lot of fun into any look and I always feel like my mood reflects my style choices.. but maybe that’s just me haha. However, I do believe that everyone feels a whole lot better about themselves when they wear something that makes them feel their best on the outside…. so let’s try and fight the dreaded January blues!!

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  1. Your posts really cheer me up, especially at this time of year! In fact you have inspired me to look in my wardrobe and put together an outfit that I really love rather than just wearing a big woolly jumper to keep warm. XX

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