Being yourself isn’t always something that comes easy. In my own personal experience it can take me a long time to truly relax so that I can be myself around others. I can only be the complete weirdo that I truly am around a select few people. (I know, lucky them right?) A lot of this comes down to worrying about what others think. Not everyone struggles with this but I have found that the majority of us do to some extent. I always tell people to STOP caring about what others think but it really is easier said than done.


However, I feel my most confident when I express myself through fashion. I love clothes and I love experimenting with them and creating different looks. When I am wearing something bold and wacky, I know that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I feel bloody fab in it.. and for me that is all that matters. For this blog post I decided to throw together lots of bold colours, prints and textures.


I know that for some it isn’t that easy to wear something ‘bold’ without feeling self-conscious and like others are judging you. But one thing to remember is that no matter what you wear, you will never be able to please everyone so try to be proud of how smokin’ hot you look with your one-of-a-kind style. Also, the outfits that get people’s attention are usually the best, regardless of whether it is for the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ reasons.


If you still need a bit of convincing I would start out by just bringing in one or two daring choices, whether it is a sneaky colourful/patterned pair of socks or bright statement earrings. If you start out small you will be able to rock a full outfit mixed with a variety of textures, colours, patterns and accessories in no time without giving a damn about what the world thinks.


This outfit all started with this beautiful t-shirt that I was gifted for Christmas, it sends the message of being yourself perfectly.. while bringing in the bee, which like any Mancunian I am a sucker for! I decided to pair it with this blue skirt for a girly touch and as it is still bloody freezing I also wore this pink faux fur coat which has blue stars on the elbows for some added fun.


This blue bag is just wacky, random, and fabulous enough for my liking and goes perfectly with this coat by matching the blue stars! I completed the look with some red fishnet tights and some turquoise circular statement earrings.


There are a lot of elements to this outfit that a lot of people would think is weird, ugly, crazy or too much but I love it and I think that is all that matters. Everybody is unique in their own way and this definitely applies to fashion, nobody can ever style an outfit quite like you because they aren’t you (I know, cheesy, sorry haha). I have said this before and I will say it maaaany more times but for those that love fashion it is because it is fun, so let’s have some bloody fun with it! Experiment to find out what you like to wear, what looks good on you and what gives you that extra bit of sass!!

Always bee yourself x


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