“We are rainbows, me and you. Every color, every hue. Let’s shine through. Together we can start livin’ in a rainbowland.”

When I first listened to this song [Rainbowland by Miley Cyrus] I instantly connected with it. There is so much meaning behind these lyrics and so much that I can relate to.

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice (so nice) to live in paradise where we’re free to be exactly who we are. Let’s all dig down deep inside brush the judgment and fear aside.”

I know it sounds incredibly cheesy but I wish that everybody could think this way. In 2017 there was so much discrimination and hate in the world. Sometimes, I can find it extremely overwhelming when the news is overflowing with disastrous events, pain and suffering. It can be so easy to get bogged down by it all especially when it is out of your control.


However, whenever it starts to take a toll on me, I find myself listening to this song. It reminds me that there is good out there and there are a lot of people who want peace, happiness and love (Yeahhh mannnn). There is a lot of uncertainty around what the future holds but I want to take this positive mindset with me into 2018.


Even though a lot of horrible things happened last year, there were a lot of good things that happened too. Australia legalised same-sex marriage, the bravery of several sexual assault victims speaking out started a movement and Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle. If you look for it there are so many good things happening and that is what this song reminds me of.


I hope that this year continues to fight the battle of equality and that one day everybody can be treated equally regardless of gender, race, sexuality or class. Something that I have come across frequently is just the blatant ignorance among people who think that it is okay to speak badly about others because they are different. I truly hope that we can all learn to be a little kinder to each other this year.


I think doing what makes you happy can also result in other people’s happiness. Whether it is doing a dance class, painting, or treating yourself to that dress you just can’t stop thinking about, it can make a lot of difference. For me, it is writing this blog. Fashion is something that I love and writing about it in my spare time makes me feel inspired and excited. Even if nobody ever reads this, I know that it will make me feel a whole lot better about myself.


Doing these things for yourself will most likely make you feel great which will no doubt project onto other people by encouraging you to do things like smile at strangers, telling someone to ‘have a nice day’, ask your colleague how they are doing and really mean it and dish out compliments left, right and centre. These small actions are all things that can make someone else’s day brighter. Doing these things will not only make others feel better but it will also make you feel incredible. Your kindness to others will hopefully encourage them to repeat the same process.


I know it is impossible to think that these little acts can have a huge impact on the global issues right now but even if it just makes one person feel better, I think that makes it worth doing.

“Livin’ in a rainbowland where you and I go hand in hand together (let’s do it together), change things forever (forever).”


This outfit was not only inspired by this song but it was also inspired by happiness and love. Rainbow colours are always going to symbolise this because of the brightness and the connotation of equality.


I felt amazing in this outfit and I hope that you also have something that you can rely on to brighten up your days when you are feeling a little blue.


  1. This was so beautifully written and so accurate! I LOVE everything about this post! I do believe that when you do what you love and what makes you happy it transcends a certain level of happiness that’s projected onto others! I was also quite proud of Australia for moving forward with Same Sex Marriage! Beautiful piece and banging outfit babe! πŸ™‚ ❀

    xx Lena |

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  2. Everything about this post I LOVE! I love the rainbow sweater to go with the song and your pictures–so beautiful! This post was super inspiring and something that everybody should read because we need more positivity and love in the world, with less judgment and hate. Loved this so much & was the perfect thing to read first thing in the morning for me πŸ™‚

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