Well, here we are. It’s that time of year again. Most people across Britain have just spent the last few days glued to their sofa watching lots of films while stuffing their faces with as much chocolate and cheese crackers as possible. Christmas has been and gone but the festivities are certainly not over. New Year’s Eve is still very much ahead of us and the majority of us will spend the next few days thinking about how we have spent the past year and what we want to do with the next.


It is no coincidence that I happen to be watching Back to the Future as I write this post because I think that most of us often wish we could either go back to our past selves to change our actions of the last year while some will desperately wish they could visit our future selves so that the next year wouldn’t be such a mystery. (It is also a bloody brilliant film!)


Last year I made a pretty ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions, which I knew weren’t all achievable but I always like to set myself a challenge for a fresh start (new year, new me and all that.) There are certainly things that I am thrilled that I pushed myself to do such as passing my driving test and getting my very own car. But then there are the things on the list that I feel a bit guilty about not doing… such as getting back in shape, completing my reading list and finding my own flat.


However, some of the goals that I have made a reality didn’t bring the joy that I thought would come with it. As I get older I find that most of the things I wanted to happen aren’t always the things that are right for me and that make me happy. This year I feel a little bit lost. I know what I want to happen next year and what I want to change but I am not entirely sure how to get there. I will of course still be setting resolutions this year as I still want to push myself but I just hope that this time next year I feel happy and content, even if my goals do change along the way.


I’m still not entirely sure what I will be doing on this magical night but I have managed to put an outfit together which I think is perfect for the occasion. This jumper just says it all, dance with me, it captures everything fun about this night and it goes perfectly with this swishy velvet skirt (which is really fun to twirl in). I decided to pair them with these pink heels and navy earrings to complete this glam look and my blue faux fur coat… as it is still extremely cold.


I hope that whatever you are doing this New Year’s Eve, I hope that it is a good one! Don’t feel too pressured to set yourself resolutions but if you do, don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t completed them all in a year’s time… and just have fun… and dance.



  1. Omg pure so gorgeous! Wow this was a beautiful post and I love the title…glad you were able to achieve a good share of your resolutions! I really love these photos and this skirts is soooo adorbs as well as the shoes. Have a wonderful 2018 💫💕

    xx Lena |

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