Before I decided to begin I had been following the advice of Megan Ellaby through her incredible blog. She was the first blogger that I ever took notice of and introduced me to this magical industry. It was her unique sense of style, that always seems to have fun injected into it, that caught my attention.


My personal sense of style has progressed a lot over the years but I love to take inspiration from style icons that I admire. From following Megan’s blog I have found myself taking a leaf out of her book by experimenting more with bold prints, bright colours and fun accessories. She has also taught me to not give a damn about whether somebody does or doesn’t like your outfit because as long as you like it and feel amazing wearing it that’s all that matters.


When I had the opportunity to meet her at the ‘In Conversation With Blogger Megan Ellaby’ event at Topshop I jumped at the chance. Her success is only something that I can dream of but I knew it would be incredible to pick her brain. Not only was she brimming with great advice she was also extremely approachable and lovely to chat to! I left that night feeling so excited and positive about my little slice of the internet and what might be in store for me in the future.

While I was there I also picked up this gorgeous rainbow glitter skirt, which is a perfect example of how to add colour and pattern into your wardrobe. These colours together are absolutely gorgeous, I am a sucker for rainbow stripes, (which is something I may have picked up from Megan as well). The glitter and sparkle also makes this gem ideal for the Christmas party season which is fast approaching and I love the cheeky side slit that I think makes it quite sexy without being too revealing. I already own a few of these pleated midi skirts which I have found fit my curvy figure perfectly.



I decided to pair it with this dreamy midnight blue faux fur coat which also has a gorgeous silver lining. This is perfect for evening wear and it is so so soft and cosy. I decided to tie in the colour silver with my hoop earrings and these gorgeous heeled chelsea boots. I completed the look with some sassy red fishnet tights and some adorable blue sparkly socks with unicorns on them, because why tha hell not!?


There are so many different areas of fashion to explore and for anyone who loves it just as much as I do, I would certainly suggest experimenting with colours, patterns and even cute unicorn socks, because we love fashion so why not have some fun with it? I would also definitely recommend having a read of (Thank me later)



  1. Chrissie! Thank you so much for the gorgeous mention, it means so much! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you!
    Thanks also for introducing me to your blog, your writing is amazing and your style, well it’s of course DIVINE! I’ll deffo be back!

    Lots of love
    Megan x

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