During this time of year, I have to save most of my money for Christmas presents for friends and family which means… there isn’t a lot left over to feed my fashion addiction.

However, there is some… I just have to be much more selective with what I choose to buy or beg my boyfriend to get me them for Christmas (pleaaaaase). Anywho, I may still have been checking my go-to online shopping sites and I now have a list as long as my arm filled with items I want (need).

red coat

I actually spotted this red faux fur coat on a fellow train passenger and I just had to ask her where it was from. I can’t seem to find this beauty in my size anywhere and it is definitely out of my price range but I am very eager to find something similar. The colour red is so hot right now and the bold length of it is just incredible. This would definitely be a statement coat.

leopard coat

Here is another faux fur statement coat and it is one that I keep coming back to. I think it is absolutely stunning. I love the snow leopard print and I am very keen to add it to my growing collection of faux fur coats. However, I do have a few concerns…  I’m not sure if it is possible for me to keep this clean and I have never bought an ASOS collection coat so I’m not too sure on the sizing or quality. Also, will this make me look like Cruella Deville… and is this a bad or a good thing!? I think I am undecided on this one but I’m sure my curiosity will eventually get the better of me.


This is something I just can not seem to get over. This is a premium leather hand painted biker jacket. It is something that I can only dream of owning. It is so unique, cool and just so beautiful. I don’t own anything like this in my wardrobe but sadly I don’t think this is something that will be changing anytime soon. Unfortunately, I am not able to justify £350 on one item of clothing… just yet.


I seem to be all about jackets and coats at the moment but I think it is just because they can make so much difference to an outfit. I love silver and it isn’t just because it makes me feel like an astronaut but I think it looks amazing with pretty much every colour. I love this blazer and I think it is something I could wear on several different types of occasions and it would be perfect for Christmas parties.


I am a sucker for a heeled boot and the bottle green colour is just bloody gorgeous. This heel is pretty high so I’m not sure whether my feet could handle that but I would love to add these to my collection of bold shoes. I don’t own any green shoes but I would really like to change that.

green dress

Speaking of green… I am really into this dress. It just screams party wear and it would be perfect for the Christmas season. However, I am a bit wary about dresses this shape as my body is annoyingly pear shaped so I normally have to try before I buy. But… I might have to take the risk because I think this dress is stunning… and I can already imagine what shoes it would look smokin’ with.


This aviator jacket is just flippin’ beautiful! I have been eyeing it up for quite some time now and have put it at the very top of my Christmas list. It is so dreamy and looks extremely cosy. I think that this would go with just about everything and the combination of the teddy material and vinyl is just perfection in my eyes.

These bad boys are just a few items that have caught my eye recently and there are certainly more pieces that are on my wish list right now. Hopefully, I will get to add some of these to to my growing wardrobe very soon.

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