The last few days haven’t quite gone to plan. I originally had a lovely busy weekend ahead of me.. but after falling down the stairs on Friday morning and breaking my toe, I ended up spending my weekend stuck in bed with frozen peas propped on top of my foot.

On the day of the ‘incident’ I misjudged the amount of stairs I had left and mistakenly leapt to the floor and then rolled around in pain after seeing the horror of my toe that had been bent backwards. I know that this sounds horrendously dramatic… but like I said, I have had a lot of time to think about this turn of events.

After visiting the doctors and being told I must only wear sensible and practical shoes *shudder* and NO heels for up to six weeks *SHUDDER* I have been trying to think of how I must overcome this tragedy… just kidding… kinda. I have to admit, I am a little bit gutted considering I have just bought two brand new pairs of heeled boots that will have to remain hidden in my wardrobe for the next couple of months.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve looming, party outfits are a must but what I originally planned to wear has now gone out of the window. Part of me thinks, maybe I should just hope that I can still wear the red hot sky-high heels I had planned… but the other side of me is saying no. Be practical. Find some cute flat shoes that are comfortable. *YAWN*

While I am still holding out hope that my toe will be perfectly fine for the festive season, I am now on a mission to find some comfortable stylish flat shoes… they must be out there somewhere… right!?

blue shoes

These velvet navy blue pointed flats are gorgeous and great for this time of year. The colour, the texture and the stars added around the strap just screams Christmas. However, I am unconvinced that the pointed design will be all that comfortable on my swollen toe.. which is ironically the same colour of this shoe.

star black shoe

The shape of these black pumps certainly seem to be a bit more practical and I do like the star embellishment. They are cute, but I am just not excited about them. I think I would need to see these in person.

grey shoes

These shoes are perfect for party wear. I love the colour, the velvet and the embellished bow. I think this is a great choice and would go with a lot of different outfit choices. However, these shoes are a slightly girlier choice than I was originally planning on so I’m not too sure these are for me.

blue shoes 2

I am very into these. The icy blue is a great wintery colour and I love how they have been styled here with fishnet socks. They aren’t the most glam option for parties but I think they could really work if you are going for more of an edgier or tomboy vibe.

kg shoes

YES PEEERLEASE! These shoes are just flippin’ gorgeous. I would snap these up in a heartbeat if they weren’t just a little… wayyyyy.. over my budget. The faux pearl and bead embellished bow is just stunning and the woven in-design is incredible. These are perfect for party wear, so if you prefer flats over heels anyway and are planning on investing in a more ‘upscale’ pair of shoes.. I think these are the ones for you.

wide shoes

I love the colour and the shape of these metallic leather shoes and I think they could go with quite a few different outfits. However, I am a bit concerned that they look a little bit like shiny school shoes but.. they also come in a wide fit.. which is ideal for my swollen toe. SCORE!


These burgundy embellished trainers are certainly more casual than the other pairs that I have seen but I think they could definitely be styled up. I think the combination of an adorable blazer dress with these could be quite cool and effortless. There is also a slight platform that gives you a bit of added height and the colours and material definitely fit in with the festive season.

Overall, there seems to be plenty of choice out there for me to peruse and I hope this has helped anyone who might be in a similar predicament or just simply prefers flats to heels. I may be secretly hoping that I can still wear heels in a month’s time but my mind has now been put at ease after seeing all of the spectacular flats out there this season.

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