Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year (apart from Christmas of course). I love creating the perfect pumpkin design, watching Hocus Pocus over and over, and eating my bodyweight in sweets. I always put a lot of thought into my costume but, I don’t stop there. I try to think of ways that I can express the spooky holiday through my everyday clothes.


Dressing for particular seasons is always fun to do, whether you are following key trends, classic colours or themes. However, when it comes to planning outfits for festivities and holidays, it can be a bit tricky (or treaty).

I considered opting for a Halloween themed t-shirt but I decided to go for something a bit more subtle that I could also wear throughout the year. I looked through my wardrobe and picked out certain colours and patterns that represent Halloween.


I decided to go for this gorgeous black midi dress that has a low cut neckline, which I think is a staple piece that should belong in everyone’s wardrobe. It goes perfectly with high neck jumpers in the autumn and is great for showing off some skin in the summer. The colour black is often associated with this creepy day and the long flowy material reminded me of a witch. Perfect! I paired it with a striped navy and white long sleeved jumper, as stripes are often seen on witches and pirates, and let’s face it.. you can never have too many striped jumpers.



I also used the colour green which is often seen during this scary time of the year as it represents ghosts, slime and even monsters. I accessorised with some khaki green fishnet tights and a forest green faux fur gilet which is ideal for this transitional period through the autumn season.


These snake print boots are perfect for this creepy look and I also threw in a pair of autumnal mustard pom pom earrings because why tha hell not? I decided to keep my make-up within the Halloween theme to complete this look by using a bold dark brown lipstick and bright orange eyeshadow.


So, if you don’t want to go all out for Halloween this year, I think this outfit is perfect for just simply giving a nod to this spooktacular day.


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