As a writer and a fashion lover, you would think that starting my own fashion blog would be an obvious step for me to take but this wasn’t the case at all. Despite wanting to do this for a very long time I never thought it was something that I could do.

Photo 14-10-2017, 16 05 31 (1).jpg

I have wanted to share my style online for a while now but I was too worried that nobody would appreciate or care about my opinions. Whenever I pictured myself posing for the camera and showing off a new outfit, I would cringe. I couldn’t help but imagine people saying, ‘who the hell does she think she is?’ Well, I’ve decided to ignore that voice in my head because life is way too short to not do something that you love because of what someone might say.

Encouraging myself and believing I can succeed isn’t something that comes naturally to me and I have been guilty of paying too much attention to negative opinions once or twice in my time. However, fashion is something that makes me happy so I am trying not to care about what other people think too much.

Photo 14-10-2017, 16 09 13 (1).jpgCOAT, SHOES, JUMPER, EARRINGS – TOPSHOP, JEANS – NEXT, BAG – & OTHER STORIES

I thought this outfit would be perfect for my first post as it has just the right amount of sass and attitude. This gorgeous vinyl black trench coat from Topshop is a brand spankin’ new piece in my wardrobe but I have found that it is guaranteed to get you compliments. It can be used with pretty much any colours and patterns and the shiny finish makes it a perfect statement item that you need to jazz up any outfit. The waterproof texture also means that it can survive the miserable British weather. Hoorah!

When I spotted (no pun intended) this leopard print jumper I knew I needed it in my life. It is mixed with brown, black, white and pink colours and has a combination of leopard spots and stripes. It is super soft and cozy and perfect for the colder months ahead of us. I decided to keep it simple by putting it with jeans so that the jumper and the coat remained the key attraction of this look.

Photo 14-10-2017, 16 12 17.jpg

I paired this outfit with a beautiful leather black shoulder bag that has a gold chain strap and threw in some electric blue tassel earrings that really pop next to the black coat.

Photo 14-10-2017, 16 17 26.jpg

I opted for these gorgeous creamy brown ankle boots (ANOTHER Topshop item) to complete this ensemble. The gold heel keeps in tone with the metallic trend of the season and adds something a little bit different to these bad boys. I don’t think there is anything sexier than a tight pair of jeans and heeled boots and this combination will definitely make you want to strut like Beyoncé on your way to work in the morning.

Photo 14-10-2017, 16 13 18.jpg

I know that caring about what others think too much is a struggle that many people face but I think that we can do this together, and what better way to start than wearing this killer outfit?


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